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About CLFC


We are a fencing club in the heart of London, and we look forward to welcoming you to our busy and vibrant club.

We are a located in Westminster in the heart of central London, close to Victoria, Pimlico, and Vauxhall. We have a range of fencing ability at the club from complete beginners through to competitive fencers.

We started life as Swash & Buckle, a fencing club for Equity members many years ago. In 2008, Jean-Christophe Guibert took over the club and the club was renamed Central London Fencing Club. Then in 2022, Tom Cronin took over the reigns. Having fenced for over 14 years Tom hopes to make the sport as fun and accessible as possible to all.

Graham Miles is the head coach. He’s been fencing since he was 11 and holds coaching qualifications in Foil and Epee from the British Academy of Fencing and the British Fencing Association. His coaching emphasis is on fostering a love for the sport and its history, which in turn leads to greater enjoyment, dedication and competitive success.

Tom Cronin
Graham Miles
Rupert Davies-Cooke