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Friendly/informal competitions at the club

CLFC organises internal (informal) end of term competitions for both foil (last Monday of each term) and épée (last Wednesday of each term), details of the relevant dates can be found here.

Externally-organised competitions

In order to compete outside of the club, you will need to register with the British Fencing Association. This is compulsory for those wishing to compete at Open competitions, and you will need to arrange this yourself by following this link. If you have any problems registering, please call British Fencing on 020 8742 3032.

There is a wide range of events covering all weapons all across the UK. You can find the competition calendar via this link.


Friendly/informal competitions at the club

In addition to more formal externally-run competitions, we run a friendly/informal competition at the club on the last Saturday afternoon of each term for children. 

These events help children to get more fencing ‘match’ experience, learn how to referee, learn how to run the scoring sheets (poules), and to have the opportunity to fencing with new opponents in a familiar environment. 

Externally-organised competitions

The two main competitions for children are called Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) and Elite Epee Junior Series (EEJS).

Leon Paul Junior Series offer a range of competitions starting in January and finishing in December every year. Each competition gives points to the fencers, depending on their ranking. The top fencers at the end of the year are offered an equipment prize. Click here for the calendar.

Elite Epee Junior Series also offer a range of competitions, however this series begins in October and ends in July. Each competition gives points to the fencers, depending on their ranking.  The last event is the final for the top 8 fencers in each age group.

CLFC only provides fencing kit for children for club sessions, but NOT for external competitions.


Below is a list of equipment required that you will need to purchase for competitions. A complete set of kit for a competition includes (starting from the feet and working up):

- Trainers
- Long white fencing socks
- Breeches (350 Newtons minimum)
- T-shirt
- Under Plastron (350 Newtons for U9, 11 and 13; 800 Newtons for U15 and U17)
- Chest protector (required for girls, and many boys also wear them)
- Fencing jacket (350 Newtons)
- Body wire
- Mask
- Glove
- Electric epee
- Membership card of BF (British Fencing)

"Our nine-year old son joined Central London Fencing Club one year ago. It's a very friendly club and our son always enjoys himself!
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