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We have an international fencing coaching team, with a wide range of experience in foil, epee and sabre. The Club Manager (and owner) is Jean-Christophe Guibert.

Coaches are available for lessons in one or more of the three weapons:

Foil - Foil    Epee - Epee    Sabre - Sabre

Head Coach

Jean-Christophe Guibert
Foil Epee Sabre

Jean-Christophe became a professional fencing coach, after studying at Ecole Nationale des Maîtres d'Armes in France, in 1987. He is a Fencing Master in Foil, Epee and Sabre.

With 30+ years of coaching experience in France and the UK, Jean-Christophe has worked with numerous international fencers, children, actors, wheelchair fencers and veterans.

Jean-Christophe is the Club Manager and has been Head Coach at Central London Fencing Club since its inception in 2009.

Regular Coaches

Graham Miles
Foil Epee

Graham is from London and started fencing aged 11, taking his first coaching exams while still at school.  As a fencer he competes in both Foil and Epee and has won medals at student international level in both weapons.

He holds coaching qualifications in Foil and Epee from the British Academy of Fencing and the British Fencing Association. His coaching emphasis is on fostering a love for the sport and its history, which in turn leads to greater enjoyment, dedication and competitive success.

In addition to coaching the younger fencers at CLFC, Graham also runs several School and University clubs around London, working with fencers of all ages and abilities.

Filip Broniszewski

A bronze medalist at the Summer Universiade in Taipei 2017, Filip has been an active senior athlete representing Poland, his home country for the last 15 years and has amassed more than 30 medals while competing in the Polish Championships and 3 medals in European Championships.

Filip's background includes a graduate degree in Sports Science and Physical Education from the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw, Poland and he has worked professionally as a sports manager and head coach assistant.

Judit Homola
Foil Epee

Judit is from Budapest, Hungary. She started to fence at age of 9 in one of the most famous fencing clubs in Budapest.

She competed for 10 years and was 4 times national champion with the Hungarian epee team.

She started her fencing coach career in 2012 when she moved to the U.K., and shortly after started to work at CLFC in 2013.

Since then she has been successfully teaching all age groups in across London.

Guest Coaches

Daniel Randall

Daniel Randall is from Nottingham and has been involved in fencing in various capacities for 16 years. As a competitor, he has competed at both national and international level in Men's Foil.

Since qualifying as a coach, he has worked with fencers of a range of abilities and ages.

A member of the Central London Fencing Club since 2009, Daniel coached our beginner classes and taster sessions, and worked in a number of schools. In 2014, Daniel took up a full-time position with London Underground, but he will continue to coach at the club on an occasional basis, as and when his timetable permits.

Daniel also has a successful career as a hip-hop artist and spoken-word poet based in East London. 


Gabor Papp
Foil Epee Sabre

Gabor is a Hungarian-born fencing coach from Budapest. After 10 years of competitive fencing he graduated from the former University of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (now Semmelweis) and started his coaching career in Budapest.

After spending two years on Guadeloupe, France he moved to London in September, 2008. He works as a freelance fencing coach, and has been awarded Level 4 Coaching qualification by the British Fencing Association.

Gabor was part of the CLFC team, coaching both adults and children, from 2009 to 2013. He is currently living in Germany. Gabor is a guest coach when visiting London.



Réka Sipos
Foil Epee

Réka is originally from Hungary, and has been fencing since 1995. She competed at all age groups in foil at national and international levels, including category 'A' junior world cups.

After graduating as a PE teacher at the University of Szeged, she earned a fencing qualification at the Semmelweis University, Budapest. Shortly afterwards she worked in her home town as a full-time coach, and trained junior level fencers.

Réka has relevant experience in conducting advanced foil and beginner/intermediate epée lessons.

She joined the Central London Fencing Club team in 2011, and is currently working in Beijing. She is a guest coach when visiting London.



We do not have a club armourer, but we can highly recommend the skills of an independent armourer. Please contact Steve directly about any private repairs.


Email - stevehyman@btinternet.com
Mobile - 07799 898 920

Club Welfare Officer

Tim Brookes
Foil Epee

Tim Brookes works as an Analyst in the City, and is a long-standing adult member of the club. He acts in a volunteer capacity as Club Welfare Officer, specifically in relation to child welfare. Tim can be contacted via email (welfare queries only).

His focus is to act as alternative point of contact to the Club Managers, should you have any concerns you wish to discuss - specifically in relation to child welfare.  (Other topics should still be discussed with Club Managers).

Regrettably, abuse can occur anywhere there are children - at home, at school, in the park, at a sports club. Sadly, there are some people who will seek to be where children are simply in order to abuse them. We believe that everyone in fencing has a part to play in looking after the welfare of children. Everyone in fencing - administrator, club official, coach, parent, friend, children themselves - can help. We are mindful of two main principles:

A child’s welfare is the FIRST consideration

All children, regardless of age, any disability they have, gender, racial origin, religious belief and sexual identity HAVE A RIGHT to be protected from abuse.

Tim will support anyone who, in good faith, reports his or her concerns that a child is at risk of, or may actually be, being abused. We hope this situation never arises at the club, but he should be your first point of contact should you have any concerns. He has unertaken appropriate safeguarding and protecting children training, and is able to seek advice direct from British Fencing as needed. 

In the interests of best practice, and following guidance from British Fencing, we have now also adopted a Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians. This supplements our Code of Conduct for Coaches, and other policies. We ask all parents/guardians to read and sign the document.

British Fencing also has an Equality and Safeguarding Manager: Liz Behnke, who can be contacted by email or by phone on 07717 740 125 (for very urgent issues, call 07526 003 030).